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Bemath is an educational service company focusing in the areas of mathematics and special education. Our services are individualized to meet the unique needs of our students in the least possible restrictive environment. In addition, we provide updated curricular material and direct access to technological tools that allow us to impart virtual instructional sessions, homework help, homeschool support and test preparation among other services.

An initial free assessment is performed to evaluate and determine the child’s educational gaps. The results pinpoint the student’s strengths and weaknesses which allow us to better design the educational approach that will satisfy each student’s needs.


To assist students not only to excel academically but also on a personal level while they develop an integral understanding of their behaviors and the subjects they study.


To develop ourselves into an essential educational service company that assists students to exceed academic expectations and enhance their individual growth.

Our Team
& Tutors

We are a group of professionals and certified educators offering a helping hand to students in need of improving in their academics.
Alejandra Monllau
Alejandra is known to parents and students as the driving force behind Bemath’s operation. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Education in Mathematics in the US; she is also a Florida Certified Teacher in Mathematics from 6th to 12th grade. Originally from Venezuela where she studied Business Administration, she decided to pursue her real passion for teaching when she moved to the US. She has been actively teaching and tutoring at all grade levels for the past 20 years.

Since 2016, Alejandra has been teaching students with minor cognitive and behavioral disabilities; expanding her reach to serve a wider audience while improving her skills in the field. Her experience while working at EIBS (EARLY INTERVENTION BEHAVIORAL SERVICES) and teaming up in partnership with Neurokids, have been an invaluable asset for her and for those families looking for a different approach for their special need kids.

She brings an accumulation of knowledge on how to individually approach each student. One of Alejandra’s strengths that has been critically beneficial to Bemath is the fact that she feels extremely comfortable teaching kids that have emigrated from other countries especially from Latin America. Being herself an immigrant and fluent in English and Spanish, she has applied her experiences into how to better assist those students that still haven’t mastered the English language or need to comprehend and apply new methodologies in Mathematics.

Her true passion has always been to become a bridge between self-imposed paradigms brought by her students in relation to Mathematics, and the unlimited possibilities for breaking free from those mental limitations while feeling comfortable and engaged when studying the subject. Her constant positive attitude towards teaching and specially her pupils has always been the key factor for a successful career as an Educator.

Aside from being a full time mother, wife and teacher, Alejandra has also volunteered at a couple of schools for underprivileged children following her desire to make a positive impact within the community. She is also planning to finish her Master’s in Business Administration within the next year.
Marta Martinez
Marta is a Civil Engineer with a Masters degree in Construction Management. She has spent most of her life as a professional in the private sector even though she has always felt the love for teaching. For many years she devoted part of her time as a Construction Manager Professor at the Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas – Venezuela which allowed her not only to teach but to mentor numerous thesis projects for civil engineering students.

She brings many years of experience to Bemath in the education field and now she has decided to fully invest her time into what she really loves, and that is to teach and to help students discover that once basic concepts are understood, the process of learning subjects such as math, physics and sciences can be very enjoyable.

During her time as an educator, Marta has been able to develop easier ways on how to approach sometimes difficult concepts and relayed them to her students in a more effortless way. She continuously pushes for her students to have a solid base in math which is the foundation for other science related subjects.

She constantly says that “to see the light that shines in their eyes once they mastered a concept, reaffirms to me that I made the right choice.
Paula Karina Perez, PsyD, LMHC.
Pediatric Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Fellow. Dr. Perez graduated with her PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Albizu University in 2019. She received practicum training in the pediatric neuropsychology and rehabilitation department of Jackson Medical System in Miami, Florida, and then completed her APA accredited pre-doctoral internship in pediatric psychology at Children’s Minnesota. Dr. Perez is currently completing a two-year fellowship in pediatric neuropsychology and rehabilitation at New York University Langone Health -Rusk Rehabilitation.

Dr. Perez specializes in working with children and adolescents with complex neurodevelopmental and medical conditions, pediatric developmental, behavioral disorders, anxiety, and mood disorders. Dr. Perez has also received specialization in developmental and neuropsychological assessment of infants and toddlers, parent training, behavioral therapy, cognitive rehabilitation of executive dysfunction following brain injury or disease.
Marian has a bachelor’s degree in Education and is also certified in Emotional Intelligence. Originally from Venezuela, she has a vast teaching experience with children and young adults ranging from kindergarten through high school. Marian applies her skills when teaching subjects like Spanish, Social Studies and Science. She is highly committed to creating educational lesson plans and activities that allow children to adapt and develop a better understanding on how to handle themselves in common daily situations. Emotional self-control, finance management, personal hygiene, and family values, are examples of subjects she compliments her regular classes with.

To her every child is unique, individual skills are more important than any standard education model or curriculum. Marian’s passion is to help children grow not only in knowledge but specially their self-esteem and confidence, while recognizing and taking advantage of potential circumstances to apply into the real world. Marian highly believes these skill sets will help students to become committed team players and successful future citizens.
Ana Maria (Nani).
Ana Maria (Nani) studied Fine Arts in Caracas, Venezuela; she earned her master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language. She has been teaching different subjects like English, Spanish, Math, History and Arts for over ten years in institutions such as schools, universities, and also a couple of language schools.

Nani began helping her classmates in High School with subjects where she thrived such as Math, Chemistry and Biology, which encouraged her to follow her passion for teaching. After having tutored many students during her college years, Nani’s motivation for educating grew in time after seeing how her students were positively progressing while they achieved the results they wanted. Her hard work presented an opportunity to move to China and without hesitation, she took it. In Beijing she taught English to students from every level and prepared them for tests like the IELTS and the TOEFL. As validation for her level of professionalism, most of her students achieved top scores in those tests.

Nani’s philosophy has always been to focus on search for the best approach in which every individual student learns as they all are different. By applying the most effective methodologies that fit the learner’s needs, she helps to boost the student’s confidence and disposition to constantly improve and remain engaged.

Bemath always faithful to its social responsibility, has partnered with ONTV; a non-profit organization focused on delivering basic need products, baby formula and medical supplies to struggling children's hospitals in Venezuela.

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